About us
About us

VIDIMENSIO imports and distributes 3D-system solutions since 2007 with the goal
to make the 3D experience more and more attractive and realistic.

VIDIMENSIO is provider of 3D-system solutions for 3D home theaters to 3D applications for professional use.
With the right special accessories you bring the absolutely move theater feeling directly into your living room!

VIDIMENSIO was the first supplier of 3D Home Cinema system world wide.
His 10Hz 3D glasses sync box made it available a 3D Experienca on a 100Hz CRT TV Set.
His revolutionary 3D Dual Processor, a 3D Video Upscale Converter makes it available, a 3D DVD - played from a normal DVD Player - 
with only one 3D compatible projector an error free 3D Home Cinema Experience without any  flicker and missing line effects.

VIDIMENSIO leads the way and was first in Europe distributing the 3D-Ready 3D DLP HDTV from Samsung and Mitsubishi,
which provides a brilliant 3D-experience by his ultimate Full-HD resolution.

VIDIMENSIO distributes amongst others the 3D-Dual-Processor series, which can produce a flicker-free 3D home theater projection,
the “eyeFX 3D” for your Playstation2™, which you can use to play and experience your videogames in real 3D and the "3D-TV Transmitter",
which let you enjoy the 3D experience on your 100Hz TV device.

VIDIMENSIO allows you to buy 3D movies, by them you can see the real gorgeousness world of 3D.
Let's try!

A further highlight and possible application is filming your own movies in 3D-quality with our equipment.

Complete systems, offerd to you by compact and powerful packages, round off the range of products of  VIDIMENSIO,
so that this presents a wide spectrum for all you need for your own 3D-adventure!