22´´ 3D TFT Monitors

22´´ 3D TFT Monitors

The 22" 3D TFT Monitors are ideally suitable for personal 3D applications or desktop solutions.

Available with active and passive technologies:

The active 3D Monitor version is working with 120Hz refresh rate, so the 3D image is shown absolutely flicker-free and pin sharp and can be seen from any viewing angle without limitations. The user is wearing light-weight 3D glasses with LCD-panels.

The passive version is working on the base of the polarisation technology, where the viewer should focus the image centrical. The absolutely flicker-free image is seen by very light-weight filter glasses.

These 3D Monitors are also usable as 2D Monitors, resolution:1680x1050 Pixel.

Examples for usage:

  • Control-Monitor at 3D video cuts 
  • Displaying of ad movies on fairs
  • 3D desktop gaming for home or as attraction on events

The NVIDIA 3DVision Set and the 120Hz 3D LCD Monitor by Samsung:

3D LCD Monitor with 120Hz by ViewSonic:


3D LCD Monitor by Zalman: