Press Reports
Press Reports

3D-Ready DLP HDTVs

Vienna, February 1st 2008, VIDIMENSIO presents the Samsung 3D-Ready DLP HDTV in Europe.
With this device, the user is able to present his/her guests a complete 3D experience.

Now you can enjoy your 3D-movies, shows and PC-games in high quality, without the annoying drawbacks of 3D viewing in the past.
Samsung's line of 3D-Ready DLP® HDTVs has refresh rates of 120Hz, making the transitions in displaying the left and
right images much faster, smoother, and flicker-free. Best of all, this new technology now comes at a very affordable price.
Support from movie and game companies expand daily as the technology is accepted more and more by everyday consumers.

These DLPs are equipped with technologies with inherent speed advantages over the Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD)
to generate the left and right images required for stereoscopic viewing. With the combination of this and recent technical
innovations in shutter glasses, the user is able to experience a realistic high quailty, high definition 3-D image on their
Samsung DLP® television set.


Welcome in the world of the 3D-Home-Theater!

Certainly you know them – the impressive 3D movies of the IMAX™ cinemas or similar events that make us think
to see a vivid, three dimensional image that we can “touch”.
These movies are also available and purchasable on DVD – in real 3D – and never before was it as easy as it is
today to enjoy this experience in your home.
If you are using an average TV, a more modern Plasma TV a DLP projector or even the latest 3D-Ready DLP® TVs,
VIDIMENSIO has got the perfect solution for all your needs. Even if you plan on filming your own 3D movies and clips – VIDIMENSIO is there for you.


3D-projection with only one projector!

VIDIMENSIO presents a flicker free, high resolution, full color, full depth 3D projection with only one DLP Projector,
projected on a normal white wall or screen.
The user wears a lightweight wired or wireless 3D-LCD-Shutter-glasses.
The video device allows the 3D projection that way is called "3D-Dual-Processor".
It receives an interlaced video signal from a normal DVD-Player playing an interlaced 3D-DVD and converts it
to a progressive VGA Signal connected on a DLP projector.

The advanced downwardly compatible version call "3D-Dual-Processor-Professional" with two VGA outputs for
polarisation projection with two projectors.

With this devices, the user is able to present his/her guests a complete 3D experience.

The 3D-Dual-Processor series represents the conclusion of years of research and development from VIDIMENSIO in the 3D technique.
The 3D-Dual-Processor will satisfy technophile home cinema users just as well as occasional users on their displays, because it offers
simple usability without abandoning power and quality.

The HD-Ready compatible system opens the way of 3D-Home-Theater and easy 3D-Projection for everyone for an affordable price.


Step into the third Dimension

Three dimensional images were always fascinating filmfans and now they come back with much more power.
„Headache- 3D“ of the fifties is gone– now perfect spatial experience is coming into the movie theaters and even
into the home theaters.
MOVIEHOME explains, how it works.

An excerpt about 3D can be downloaded here (german)