3D Virtual Reality

Leonar3Do – 3D Virtual Reality Kit

Traditionally the most important and common tools are two-dimensional: paper and pencil. The same might be said of the computer monitor and mouse for the 20th century. The endeavor to make virtual reality available for everyday use as a new, interactive potential for creativity for the largest possible group of users, has been pursued by world-leading development companies and computer research institutes for decades, but the real break-through was still missing.

In order to make virtual reality available for everyday use as a new, interactive potential for creativity, we wanted to provide a tool that meets the highest professional demands, but is still suitable for anyone without any specific skills or background.

The great value of Leonar3Do is that it can expand ordinary personal computers into a total 3D work environment while fulfilling the seven classic market demands of mass use: (1) Affordability for wide ranges of users; (2) Easy installation; (3) Simple, intuitive controllability; (4) Practical applicability, an extra functionality thanks to the complete interactive work environment; (5) User-friendly ergonomics; (6) A compact size suitable for comfortable storage even in small homes; (7) Easy switch between 3D and 2D modes.

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1.     Affordability

"3D for All – nomen est omen"

Up to the present, if you wanted to obtain a worth-while VR equipment, you would expect to pay between 20,000-40,000 Euros. The leading idea behind creating Leonar3Do (design in 3D) has required a complete work environment from the beginning, and many of the world novelty partial solutions submitted for patent have been created in this spirit during the years of development. During the development phase, 3D for All Ltd. did not consider any technology solution that would result in a price higher than the targeted neat end user price. For implementation, the principals of VR configuration must have been placed on a completely new basis.

For a price that does not exceed the expenses of an average design software, the user gets a complex VR hardware novelty, which contains sensors, 3D glasses, an input device with six degrees of freedom, a central unit, and additional accessories – and also the required software, including freehand formatting, which covers a huge area of application on a market-making level. Additionally, you can also download free of charge the SDK (Software Development Kit) from our website, which lets develop applications for Leonar3Do for virtually any purpose using only a few function calls.


2.     Easy Installation

"Space is the natural environment of life"

The actual use of a VR device starts with its installation. With Leon

ar3Do, this can be done by anyone by performing 5 main steps:

  1. Installing the DVD
  2. Fix the sensors on the top of your monitor
  3. Connecting the cables
  4. Run the Leonar3Do system software
  5. Calibrating the sensors.

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3.     Simple, intuitive use

"You are capable of more than you think"

The main components of the Leonar3Do interactive desktop VR (virtual reality) hardware are: the spatial input device (the 'bird') with six degrees of freedom, 3D glasses and monitor-mounted sensors. The bird operates in six degrees of freedom, which means that you can not only move the individual objects or the whole space, but also rotate them. The 3D glasses allow users to perceive a stereoscopic image displayed before the monitor area as three-dimensional object. The sensors continuously track the position of both the bird and the glasses. The applications generate, manage and display full virtual reality. The users — even a 10-12-year-old — can create their own virtual world in the space in front of the monitor: they can draw in space, create models and patterns, invent toys, make and play games, build structures out of predefined shapes, and much more, all in a way that previously could only be dreamed of in a science-fiction world.

4.     Real Interactive Work Environment

"Genuine value"

In order to get pass the simple "wow" effect and not just be able to display, but create a real connection with the virtual world, the virtual objects displayed must behave as real objects. This means that irrespective of the head movements, virtual objects must remain 'fixed' in a position until the user manipulates them. This means it is not simply enough to display objects in space but also have a tool, a spatial input device, to work with the objects. This device, however, must be different from the traditional two dimensional mouse, since it is essential to be able to handle virtual objects in virtual space just as you would do with a real object in real space. Once this is accomplished and you are able to interact with the virtual space created, you can create drafts, experiment with forms and ideas, show them to your colleagues, discussion partners, clients, patients or anyone else, regardless of your profession. Thus you can gain an incredible and important advantage you have never dreamt of.

5.     User-Friendly Ergonomics

"You can not play violin in a muffle"

If you do an internet search for "virtual reality", you can find VR equipment suitable for some special areas of use; VR equipment designed for general purpose, however, must meet additional ergonomic requirements. It is simply not feasible for ordinary use or require acrobatics, strange helmets, clumsy gloves, endless wires, tubes, sensors, bulbs, and other complicated mechanical devices. Leonar3Do was designed to be easy to handle and work for all people of all ages. Anyone can put on the glasses, hold the bird, and start working with images and objects in real time in the virtual space.

6.     Desktop Size

"The only limit is your imagination"

To enjoy the benefits of virtual reality with Leonar3Do, you really only need desktop space for the palm-sized control box, a few cables and connectors. Beyond that you need some extra space for the glasses and the bird to put them down when they are out of use. That's all.


7.     Easy Switch Between 3D and 2D Modes

"2D-compatible 3D"

You don't have to rebuild or replace your computer in order to create a VR work environment.

Leonar3Do works with your ordinary PC configuration and does not alter it. Consider that you are designing, say, characters of an animation film, drafting the phases of an operation etc. — whatever you are doing in space, with just one click you can return to your notes, script or manuscript of your presentation on the computer and go back to using your mouse. Leonar3Do offers the advantages of virtual reality alongside the 2D world as a complement to it, and not as a replacement.

The Brochure of Leonar3Do you can download here