3D Virtual Reality

3D Virtual Reality System

Traditionally the most important and common tools are two-dimensional: paper and pencil. The same might be said of the computer monitor and mouse for the 20th century. The endeavor to make virtual reality available for everyday use as a new, interactive potential for creativity for the largest possible group of users, has been pursued by world-leading development companies and computer research institutes for decades, but the real break-through was still missing.

The first time you wear your Lenoar3Do 3D glasses and hold the bird in your hand that functions as a 3D mouse,
you will have a feeling of wonder such as when a person first drives a car and feels control over the power of the engine.

With Leonar3Do, you are able to control how you move within space: you can create and pull objects 'out' from the monitor with the cursor.
As with the car, the experience is real: the control is yours, you have power over space.
This alone is a unique experience, but with Leonar3Do you are capable of much more.

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