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3D EASY Cinema

Minimal costs for operating personnel: 1 person is enough !

Customized on your existing space resources: 3D Cinema from 15 m² !

The set includes all components: Cinema opening within 2 weeks possible !

VIDIMENSIO offers you the 3D Cinema EASY , a complete and fixed installed 3D Cinema, which provides a fantastic cinema pleasure for 12-30 people.

We have a predefined package, tailored to your individual needs.

You show us your existing room and we do the whole planning and installation of the technics.
There has only to be determined the size of the screen, where it gets placed, where the projectors should be located and which audio technology should be used.

The projection is based on polarisation technology where two projectors are used. The special silver screen with it draperies provides real professional cinema feeling.

With this package you get 10 licencable 3D films with unlimited time restriction up to 50 viewers.
So you don't have to care about the renewal of the licences every year. The film licences of these 3D films are eternally valid for your cinema.
To extend your sample of films in your 3D Cinema, VIDIMENSIO offers a huge amount of 3D film licences.

VIDIMENSIO also offers the right solution for your interior. You can choose out of a large variety of cinema seats, to make your 3D Cinema more exclusive.


Mobile Small 3D Cinema

The VIDIMENSIO 3D Small Cinema is a complete but also a mobile 3D Cinema, which provides an incredible experience for your visitors.

Ideally as long-term usage in shopping malls and fairs.

Datasheet of the 3D Small Cinemas can be downloaded here.

You can download a selection of licensable 3D movies in pdf format here or by clicking on the icon "3D Film Licenses" to watch all movies.


3D Projection "easy"

The 3D Projection "easy " is a complete and mobile 3D Cinema,
which provides an incredible experience for 10-15 people.
The organizer provides a room an we bring the technology, which can be installed in 1 hour, with us.

Datasheet of the 3D Projektion-"easy" can be downloaded here

You can download a selection of licensable 3D movies in pdf format here or by clicking on the icon "3D Film Licenses" to watch all movies.

For private presentations we recommend the movies, which you can download here in pdf format or by clicking on "3D movies for Home Theaters".


Mobile 3D

The "Mobile 3D" series is an optimal solution in cases where a fast installation and a easy handling are important factors for the realisation of 3D projections. These are compact portable boxes including all components needed for a 3D adventure. The fast implementing gets ensured by that, that you just have to plug in the current- and audiocable. You don't have to care about the wiring of the single components, it's all integrated in the box! The audiotechnology is of course also included in the set. The easy operating integrated DVD player and the "3D-Dual-Processor" allow flicker-free, perfect 3D quality.

The "Mobile 3D Silver" is a entire mobile 3D movie theater from Vidimensio,
that provides an unforgettable experience for up to 10 people.

The light filterglasses present a hygienic and comfortable solution for 3D-public presentations.

Datasheet of the "Mobile 3D Silver" can be downloaded here


The "Mobile 3D – single DLP" projectionbox combines easiest 3D projection with easy operating.

Due to it's very compact design and the capability of projecting on simple white screens it's ideal for 3D filmprojections or 3D product-presentations.

Datasheet of the "Mobile 3D – single DLP" can be downloaded here



3D with flatscreen in Full-HD

An absolutely top 3D-quality provides the backward-projection screen from Samsung.
It's Full-HD resolution on 127, 155 oder 183cm screen size is getting incredible when it shows the flickerfree sharp 3D-images with 120Hz.
Real deep colours in such a high quality make, that we cannot differ the images from the real world.

This rear-projection screen with it's huge amazing screen size
(65"/165cm oder 73"/185cm) demonstrates the optimal technology for insufficient darken rooms and the best choice for playing games in 3D.

Due to it's amazing amazing Full-HD resolution we feel like to be into it.

In our showrooms you can experience the breathtaking quality of 3D movies live.
We demonstrate the varying 3D technologies and for sure you can take a look into our large choice of 3D movies.
We give you advise to choose the right suitable components if you need.

For any appointments please contact us via eMail or telephone.

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