3D Multimedia PC

3D Multimedia PC

Enjoy your favourite 3D movies in a breathtaking quality, easy and comfortable on your couch.

The 3D HD Multiumedia PC from VIDIMENSIO was designed for an usage with the 3D DLP TV in your living room.
His big computation capacity guarantees a trouble-free playback of your Full-HD 3D movies.

Never a perfect adjustment to other Audio- and Video-Devices was easier than today, calibrating the  flat Multimedia-PC and the extremely silent cooling. Top-design with his gold-plated foot stands .

The preinstalled Software of Peter Wimmer gives the system additional power, because it's specially developed for the requirements of the 3D Player software.

The Windows Vista Home Premium DVD package as newest and latest operating system offers easiest handling of this HighTech-power in your living room.

The big-sized Hard-Disk can store many movies in full-HD quality, which are playable immediately.

The models, upgraded with a TV - card, can receive analogue or even DVB-T- signals.

You can choose between following four different models of the 3D-Multimedia, where every type fits a specific need for different customer-requirements:

  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Blu-ray Professional>
  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Video Edit>
  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Standard>
  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Premium>
  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Blu-ray>
  • 3D HD Multimedia PC <Hi-End>