3D monitors and displays

3D Monitors

VIDIMENSIO is provider of special monitors for breathtaking 3D-projections!

This, for home entertainment designed, monitors are also available in an autostereoscopic version.
Though you don't have to wear 3D-glasses to enjoy the magnificence of 3D, but it's nescessary to hold
your head in a nearly straight position, so that the 3D effect can be displayed in full impression.

The Zalman monitor is a 2D/3D monitor by what a change between 2D and 3D isn't nescessary.
It's only required to wear circular-polarisation-glasses and then you will see the sensational 3D images.
The 3D-content can be converted from a special version of the 3D Dual Processor or from the PC.
The Stereodriver of the PC has to be switched into Interlaced Stereo.

The Dimen 19" monitor is an autostereoscopic monitor without any optical support.

The new Miracube G320S, the biggest stereo 3D monitor from Pavonine up to now, is an ideal solution for fairs or presentations.
Just make your event to a special one, attracting more people and score with the Miracube G320S from Pavonine!