3D Highlights and Shows
ÖVM Exhibition Linz with VAV
Smart Exhibition in Linz with Spörk
REWE workers event
Bahnorama Installation
24. Finance symposium in Alpbach
GameCity 2010
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
VACON AT event in Kottingbrunn
Pitbull concert
Hübner watch creator
Season opening of the Berliner Bank
RacingShow 2010
Vienna Autoshow 2010
Czeczelits Automegastore
3D Racing Simulator in DX
3D small Cinema on an exhibition
3D small Cinema
Vidimensio Presentation Room
The Blue Zone - Installationsbeispiel
Colorcode 3D Heimkino
Original professional Cinema Chairs
These life size figures will be reminded of everybody
Vienna Autoshow 2010
Rallye-Champ Manfred Stohl tests the 3D Racing Simulator by VIDIMENSIO at the Vienna Autoshow