3D Highlights and Shows
ÖVM Exhibition Linz with VAV
Smart Exhibition in Linz with Spörk
REWE workers event
Bahnorama Installation
24. Finance symposium in Alpbach
GameCity 2010
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
VACON AT event in Kottingbrunn
Pitbull concert
Hübner watch creator
Season opening of the Berliner Bank
RacingShow 2010
Vienna Autoshow 2010
Czeczelits Automegastore
3D Racing Simulator in DX
3D small Cinema on an exhibition
3D small Cinema
Vidimensio Presentation Room
The Blue Zone - Installationsbeispiel
Colorcode 3D Heimkino
Original professional Cinema Chairs
These life size figures will be reminded of everybody
3D Highlights and Shows

If you want that your stand gets a lot of quests, we offer you the perfect solution. With us, you become a real attraction and crowd puller at shows and events.

3D Racing Simulator

Technical advances of 3D technology in the last Years has now arrived also the gaming-simulators. As single supplier worldwide, VIDIMENSIO provides gaming simulators in stereoscopic 3D

The racing simulator is a real attraction and provides an incredible 3D adventure, so your presentation on fairs and events get more impressive and manifold.

Gamers only use lightweight 3D LCD glasses. The simulator scores with a real rally-seat, a leather-wheel, gear shift and also metal-pedal.
The amazing 65“/165cm 3D screen will give you the creeps, as you would sit in the cockpit yourself and let your competitors behind.
The whole technique is simply to install. For usage, one supporting personnel is required, who will explain the operation, hand out and collect the 3D glasses.

Several simulators can be connected together, so multiple players can challenge each other. A personal touch can be achieved by integration of your own logos.
So you can decorate banner ads or racing cars i.e. with your company logo.

Vidimensio rents the complete system! Experience it yourself, you won’t regret! Fun is assured!
It is also possible to watch or try the 3D racing simulator live in our show-room in Vienna.

Pictures from our station at the Donauplex Mall in Vienna:  Donauplex

A Description in pdf will find you here: Autorennen_Simulator

We had success at many messes and events with our 3D Car Racing Simulator and achieved high customer satisfaction. Pictures and Descriptions from the events will find you under 'picture gallery"  or here:

Event: Jahresauftakt der Berliner Bank / RacingShow 2010 / Vienna Autoshow 2010 / Czeczelits Automegastore


3D Mini Cinema

Our 3D Minicinema provides a simple and reasonably priced solution to show your quests your 3D spot at your mess or event.

If you are interessted, we also allocate many 3D movies.

Pictures of such an event are here.


Small 3D Cinema

Our small 3D Cinema offers real 3D feeling. With the big screen you feel like a part of the movie.

You can use your existing white screens from the meetingrooms, or we offer you the required screen. All for the projection required components are integrated in a schmall portable case, which can be arrange on the floor or on the table.

Big public can enjoy the 3D Movie with simple paperglasses, on which you can print your brand to send it to your customers enclosed to the invitation.

Pictures of one application.


3D Relaxing or Advertising with 3D Video-Classes

The most simple and reasonable solution to show your mess-quests an 3D attraction is the 3D Video-classes with the ipod.

Perfect as relaxing attraction. With our 3D Movie "Relaxing at the nature", the quest makes an sensationell experience through the nature, with unique and wonderfull pictures about mountains, sun, heaven, forests and wildlife animals. Adequate and melodic sound provides pure relaxation in short time.

The ideal advertising material for your promotion or mess to call attention.

We deliver the complete sets, the iPod recordet with your favourite movie and 3D Video-Glasses. Small earphones gives the quality stereo sound. The 3D Video-Glasses are available in +/- 3.5 dioptres

Renting Conditions

You could rent our 3D attraction on a daily basis or duable.
To make an arrangement please contact us via telephone or eMail.

We also offer delivery, up- and dismantling, and employees to advise your quests.

Contact us, we are sure that we have the perfect offer for you.

Detail description about our renting-programm

Order form and our generel terms and conditions

Our rental prices were based on the amounts below but after few days or durable rent we cut the daily prices.

Art.Nr.7001 - 3D Car Racing Simulator: 600,- Euro / day
Art.Nr.5004 - 3D Small Cinema: 550,- Euro / day
Art.Nr.5001 - 3D Mini Cinema:  480,- Euro / day
Art.Nr.2355 - Relaxing or Spot Presentation with the 3D Video-Classes: 250,- Euro / day


Highlights for private persons


3D Home Cinema

Do you want to make your Homeentertainment/Home-cinema more interesting by an additional feature?
Then VIDIMENSIO is the right choice!

In contrast to the more exclusive and qualitative small 3D-Theater installations with special glasses-/silver screen technology as well as use of 2 projectors, the cheaper 3D Home-cinema version only requires a 3D-compatible projector with a conventional white projection screen.
Special customized components and an uncompromising 3D-technology make sure, that your guests will be amazed of the unforgetable 3D-experience.

A large range of interesting DVD-s let you dive into the impressive diversity of 3D.

The 3D projection-components of course allow conventional 2D-displaying of usual TV-broadcasts and commercial DVD- s too.

We provide everthing you need  to fulfill your dream of your own 3D Home-cinema:

  • 3D Dual Processors
  • 3D LCD-Shutter-Glasses (infrared)
  • 3D Polarisationsystems
  • DLP-Projectors
  • 3D DLP-Full HD TV-Screens
  • Projection screens
  • Multimedia PC`s
  • Media Player's
  • Audio-Surroundsystems
  • Intelligent Multiroom- remote controls
  • 3D entertainment films
  • Involvement of your existing technique
  • Cinema seats, real filmrequisits, silver screen- and cinema decoration
  • Consultation, Planning and Installation
  • Service and Support

Existing Home-cinema equipment and its compatibility can be upgraded to a "real 3D Home-cinema" by VIDIMENSIO.

We would be pleased, if we can help and assist you in planning your individual 2D/3D Home-cinema. There is also the possibility that we set up the 3D-technology at your home, easy and quickly to present you the ultimate feeling of 3D.

Exclusive Small 3D Theater

Do you have the facilities and would change them into a small public 3D-Theater?

If you want to offer an additional and not common attraction in your hotel, VIDIMENSIO is the right choice!

For projecting a 3D-movie in cinema quality, special projection technology and equipment is required.

  • 3D Dual Processor Professional 
  • DVD Player or a Multimedia-PC as Media Player
  • 2 identical DLP-Projectors
  • Adjustable Dual-Projector Rack
  • 2 Projektor filters
  • Polarisation- or Infitec-Glasses
  • special large-screen version (white- or silver coated)
  • professional 7-channel Audio surroundsystem
  • perfect dimensioning of the projection- and viewing distance
  • Would you like to design your small 3D-Theater like a real movie theater?

    Therefore we provide real Cinema seating with specially customized seats for your individual requirements, which are available in various models and colours.

    Furthermore VIDIMENSIO enables to get original requisites out of current and former blockbusters and so giving your small theater a touch of exclusiveness.  In addition to the cinema design we also offer suitable decoration of technique and silver screen.

    As a result of the special technology and silver screen coating lightweight glasses can be used, whose large lens coverage deliver a brilliant 3D-experience with an impressive depth effect.

    Existing Home-cinema equipment and its compatibility can be upgraded to a "real 3D Home-cinema" by VIDIMENSIO.

    We would be pleased, if we can help and assist you in planning your individual 2D/3D Home-cinema.

    Cinema seating you find here (just click on the following image).

    Cinema seats offered from Vidimensio provide comfortable seating, high-quality manufacture, longevity and modern design at the highest stage! Therefore Vidimensio is your competent partner for planning your home-theater-seating.

    The installation example "The Blue Zone" on the left is only one possibility of arranging the seats.

    Impress your guests if they come into your own home theater and surprise them with life-size statues of popular filmfigures, we can exclusively offer to you!
    Batman, Spiderman or Superman don't have to be missed in your exclusive accomodation.

    These figures you find here (just click on the following image).

    To make your decision more easier and to provide an insight into that, we offer the possibility of a demonstration at our accredited distributors and show rooms.
    Pictures of the rooms you will find on the left side.

    Vidimenso is exclusive provider of original Filmrequisites.

    We allow you to possess a piece of film history and deliver original filmrequisites and costumes, which were designed
    for the most popular movies, out of the stunning genres of the film industry.

    All offered articles get directly drawn by UMCG members.
    To guarantee you authenticity of the requisites, history of every single part gets investigated by the UMCG and
    affirmed with an COA mark (Certificate of Authenticity).
    The "United Movie Collectors Guild" is a worldwide accredited association with focus on "Authentic Filmmemorabilia",
    who draw all requisites and costumes from sources, which are directly connected with the film industry.

    Actors, production companies and members of the Special Effect sector entrust their treasuries to the UMCG, to bring them further to future collectors.

    By request we frame our requisites in intricate 3-D displays, to secure preservation and integrity for following generations.
    We continously add new requisites and costumes on our website, by what we give you the possibility to take a look behind the scenes of your favourite movies.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have a special requisite request.

    Current filmrequisites you can find in our Web-Shop under Home-Theater-Highlights.