3D DVD Movies to buy
Spy Kids 3D
Shark Boy and Lava Girl
SOS Planet
Transitions 3D
Encounter in the Third Dimension
Theme Park CGI Animation
Santa vs. The Snowman
Ultimate G´s
Alien Adventure
The Ultimate 3D DVD Experience (Li)
Costa Rica in 3D (Li)
3D Safari Parc (Li)
The Creeps 3D
3D Zoo
The Best of City Girls
The Co-Eds
Fantastic Voyage
Erotek dimensions
Erotic 3D (Li)
Hot 3D Experience (Li)
3D Movies for
Home Theaters

VIDIMENSIO offers a huge spectrum of real 3D movies, for every kind of interest and age.

These movies are recorded specially in a full 3D view for 3D Home Theaters. The material contains 2 point of views, for each eye seperately, to ensure perfect 3D and full depth effect.

You'll have the imagination, that objects in the movie will step out the display or seem to be behind the screen.

For watching these 3D Films you will need a 3D System based on 3D-LCD-Glasses, Polarisation Technic or Infitec Filtersytem. The old red/cyan anaglyph glasses, you probably know, are not usable.

These movies are for private use only.

You can purchase these PAL- or NTSC qualitybased DVD's, with a breathtaking good quality in our WebShop.

Enjoy to choose your favourite movies, which you can find on the left bar.


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