3D Full-HD Components
Mitsubishi 3D DLP TV - LASER TV

Mitsubishi 3D DLP TV - LASER TV
Enjoy 3D effects in an unbeliveable quality !


Now available in the continental Europe through Vidimensio.

These 3D HD TV’s are capable of displaying Stereoscopic 3D HD movies via 3D compatible glasses and hardware. The glasses shutter so fast, at 120 hz, that there is no flicker and no ghosting what so ever. Unbelievable quality!

In 4 Sizes
Enjoy more picture and less frame with the 60 ", 65 ", 73 " & 82 " DLP HDTV's.
The set's slim depth lets it fit where others won't.
These energy-efficient 3D HD TV screens feature a powerful, long-lasting Lamp but even Laser light engine that turns on almost instantly.

Full 3D HD 1080p resolution and Cinema Smooth technology deliver a wide range of brilliant colors, with bright images and crisp definition. The blackest blacks, brightest whites and nuanced tones are yours with a high dynamic contrast ratio.

LASER Light Engine (only by the LaserVue Serie)
This new LASER light engine replaces the arc lamp & color wheel design of previous DLP HDTVs, and realises beautiful color. LASER will last the life of the TV.
The LASER DLP TVs eliminate the need to replace the consumable lamps every few years, and thus have less impact on the environment and on one's wallet.
The LASER light engine makes possible an Ultra-Wide Color Gamut that exceeds the defined color space spec for richer color than you've seen before on TV.
The DLP HDTVs with an LASER engine are more energy efficient than similar sized flat panel displays, and the lack of a moving color wheel in the design means they perform with less noise than any previous DLP HDTV design.

Next Generation DLP Chips from Texas Instruments
These screens employ a Texas Instruments DLP chip that is comprised of millions of microscopic mirrors. The DLP chip is faster than any other HDTV technology, with the mirrors switching on & off 15,000 times a second to deliver a razor-sharp picture for fast moving images. When combined with the new Cinema Smooth light engine, the result is a crisp, bright picture with deep, rich colors that's closer to film.

These 3D HD TV’s are equipped with the best that technology can offer in sound quality. The two speaker surround sound makes you feel as if the theatre has been brought to your living room.

3D HD Multimedia PC and 3D Starter Pack
To enjoy the full power of the 3D HD DLP TV, Vidimensio provides the 3D HD Multimedia PC and the 3D Starter Pack.
The result of the combination of these components is an absolutely unbeatable package concerning 3D quality and performance.
A package with immense power, which is the best on the current market worldwide!