3D Full-HD Components

3D LCD TV / BluRay

Trouble-free 3D pleasure in an amazing quality, wasn't possible until now. By Vidimeniso it's now also available in Europe.

According to its awesome resolution and its high refresh rate, the Mitsubishi 3D-Ready 3D DLP HDTV represents the begin of a new era.
The possibility, to enjoy your 3D-movies and games in Full-HD quality, makes him to a monument of forced concentrated power of innovation.

Combined with the Vidimensio 3D multimedia PC, the Mitsubishi 3D DLP HDTV represents an unbeatable team of 3D visualization.

The system gets added by a starter pack, which includes a 3D Player software, 3D-LCD-Glasses and a strog infrared transmitter for the Glasses, all together a very profitable choice!

You can learn more about DLP Technology in the next videos:
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