3D Home Cinema
3D Components

Appropriate components for all 3D needs!

VIDIMENSIO offers a huge spectrum of components for a breathtaking 3D experience.

  • The "3D-Dual-Processor" produces a trouble-free 3D-projection with only one 3D-compatible DLP projector.
  • The "3D-Dual-Processor-Professional" uses the same 3D technique, which is used by the huge 3D cinemas around the world. Using the Infitec-filtertechnology you can realize this amazing view on a normal white screen.
  • The 3D-Home-Theater-Sets offer complete kits, for an unbeatable price. This solution is an ideal solution for Beginners, who want to install a cheap but awesome 3D Homemovie.

  • Ever dreamed of making your own 3D movies? VIDIMENSIO offers the Stereocam, by which you can give a third dimension to every movie with nearly every cam.
  • VIDIMENSIO offers also solutions for 3D-representations on common CRT-TV's
  •  Console-Gamers will love the possibility to enjoy their PS2-Games in full 3D, which VIDIMENSIO can also make real.
  • On special interest you can add further components to existing hardware.

  • VIDIMENSIO is one of the rare distributors of active polarisators. You can create three-dimensionality, using the polarisation-technique but only one DLP-projector.

If you need help, with configurations of single components oder just request important information, please read our FAQ's. If you already use a projector, please check our positive-list, which shows all compatible models.