Welcome to the world of the third dimension

You know them for sure- the impressive 3D-movies from the IMAX™- and CINEPLEXX™-theaters
or similary events, which let us believe, we can touch the 3-dimensional image and are in the thick of it.
Now, these movies are also available on 3D-BluRays in real 3D- and never before it was so easy to enjoy such a breathtaking and high qualitative 3D-adventure at home.

In contrast to the past, 3D-technology has become affordable and is now compatible with most homeentertainment components.
Regardless if you want to use a conventional screen, Plasma-/LCD-TV, PC or videoprojector- VIDIMENSIO has the optimal solution for all 3D-requirements.

Through VIDIMENSIO it is possible to use this exclusive 3D-technology in private as well as in public area (i.e. theme parks, museums, events, fairs, hotels, business facilities). Not only your immediate friends, even visitors to the fair, hotel and event guests and costumers can be impressed by this unique presentation !

VIDIMENSIO imports and distributes 3D sytem solutions since 2007 with the goal of making the 3D-adventure more and more attractive and realistic.

We define ourselves as allround-provider in the sector of stereoscopic 3D visualisation and 3D content distribution / production.
You get everthing from one source.

We are supplier of 3D system solutions for 3D home- and small theater installations till 3D applications for professional and commercial use.
And to accentuate the 3D technology, we can also provide 3D movies from the best studios, own 3D promotional films as well as 3D logo-graphics with licences for commercial presentations. We are not only traders but also system designer and developer of solutions. Our task is also to distribute our self-produced stereoscopic video-devices and self-configured components for professional and semiprofessional use.

If you are interested in stereoscopic 3D and if you want to use this technique, you have found your right partner.
After making an appointment, we are able to demonstrate you the 3D technologies and 3D movies in our showroom in vienna.

You find all our categories on the top of the webpage as icons. In our shop (red shopping cart icon on the right) you will find additional products and more details about each category.

In either case, we provide an optimal and customized solution and are pleased to advise you via eMail or phone.

Our current highlights:


Interactive 3D World: Leonar3Do


Active circular polarisation panel for
3D projection with polarisation technique


3D BluRay projection set


The brand new 3D LCD TVs and 3D BluRay Player
from Samsung


60" / 152cm

65" / 165cm

73" / 180cm

82" / 208cm the giant

Amazing 3D quality with the newest 3D DLP® HDTV from Mitsubishi

65" / 165cm LaserVue


3D cameras from Panasonic


Solutions for professional 3D Applications
and for 3D DCI/nonDCI Cinemas


ACER Aspire GD245HQ 24" FullHD 3D LCD Monitor


Alienware 23" FullHD 3D LCD Monitor


3D Kid´s Cinema solutions

Rent a 3D Racing Simulator by VIDIMENSIO

3D Racing Simulator in Donauplex Wien


3D Racing Simulator on the Vienna Autoshow Exhibition


New mobile dual projector Systems

Cost Effective 4D Cinema Solutions

Cost effective 5D Cinema solutions

New breathtaking professional 3D Films

3D Complete Solutions

3D Full-HD Camera-Set with Control Monitor

Cost-saving 3D Projection
with only one Projector on white surface

3D FULL-HD 165cm Display Complete-Set

3D FULL-HD 185cm Display Complete-Set

from Samsung
from Samsung
3D Starter Pack:
3D Blaster + 3D Player Software + 3D LCD Glasses

Harrison Fest Humphrey Henry
Original Theater Seats and Folding Seats

Professional 3D LCD Glasses: X-Red

3D BLASTER - the 3D LCD Glasses synchronisation solution.

Compatible with all 3D LCD Glasses and devices with 3 Pin 3D VESA port
like the 3D Ready DLP and Plasma Displays, the NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards and the eD 3D Gaming Dongle.

3D HD Multimedia PC "Blu-ray" Professional
3D HD Multimedia PC "Premium"
3D HD Multimedia PC "Microplayer"

3D Home Theater 5.1 Complete Set - We provide everthing you need to fulfill your dream of your own 3D Home-cinema.

Professional components for 3D Recording and Post Production