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iZ3D 22"/55.9cm 3D Monitor - 2x 1680x1050 Resolution (Lin.Pol.)
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The IZ3D 22" widescreen monitor scores with pin sharp 2D and 3D visualisation.

Remember when we thought the world was flat? That was back in the days of 2D monitors.
Now we know that the world of gaming, computer graphics or movie watching can be better than real life with iZ3D. Instead of just watching or designing in flat 2D images now you can bring your games, movies or creative work to life. Most off the shelf games are already designed in 3D and are ready to take you to places you have never been in 2D. Now gamers can immerse themselves into the thrilling action of the game and see explosions that really explode and stare in wonder at the game scenery that game designers put months of work into. More and more movies are being created in stereoscopic 3D so movie watchers can experience the action and duck that
arrow or truly jump off a cliff. Bring this level of immersive entertainment to your home with an iZ3D 22-inch widescreen 3D LCD monitor.

The iZ3D monitor is your portal to the amazing world of 3D entertainment!
Get in the action now. Don't just watch it.

LCD Size: 22" W

Display Resolution: 1680 x 1050

Viewing Angle: 120/90

Response Time: 5 ms

Brightness: 250 nit

Contrast: 700:1

Interface: Dual input 1xDVI, 1xDVI/VGA

Connection to PC: Via 2x DVI or 1xDVI+1xVGA output. Dual output graphic card is required!


For the list of the supported games click here.


As addition to the 3D monitor, you can get LINEAR polarised 3D glasses out of our huge selection.
CIRCULAR polarised 3D glasses are not compatible !

Click on the image above or just here.

Additional information and software can be downloaded here:

iZ3D Multiple Output Drivers:
Driver Software can be downloaded here.

iZ3D Movie Player Classic & sView 3D Image Viewer:
3D Image- and Video Viewer programmes can be downloaded here.

QuickStart Guide:
Quick Start Guide in PDF format can be downloaded here.

iZ3D Monitor Manual:
Manual for the IZ3D monitor in PDF format can be downloaded here.

General Questions

What games can I run in 3D on iZ3D?

-Here is the List of the 3D games that have been tested and approved by iZ3D LLC. We are sure there are some others that run in 3D, but we have not tested them yet.

Why won't all games run in 3D?

-Most modern games are designed with 3D information included. However, some older games, or even newer ones, either do not have 3D information built in, or have been designed using shaders and vertex algorithms that cannot be easily converted to 3D by our drivers.

I see your list of supported games, but I don't see my game on there. Is there anything I can do about this?

-Yes! The list of supported games is only a reference to the games we have tested and know work; however, with all the different games out there, we have not been able to test all of them. If your game is DX8 or DX9, there is a good chance that the game will work fine with our drivers. If the game doesn't, let us know and we will work the game into our next drivers.

Why do some games look better in 3D then others?

-It all depends on the game developer. Some games have been designed better than others, simply because the developers knew more about 3D than their counterparts.

What are the best settings to experience highest quality 3D?

-There is no single answer for that. It depends on individual viewing preferences. Standard settings should work for most people, but if you don't like what you see, try changing contrast and brightness settings on iZ3D, and/or your GPU drivers.

Can I use iZ3D as a regular monitor?

-Yes, you certainly can. Exit 3D and just take off your polarized glasses, and you will be able to use it as a regular monitor.

Can I play 3D DVD's or show 3D pictures?

-Yes you can. iZ3D has a special Movie Player Classic that will play 3D movies and show 3D pictures in the following formats: Side by Side, Over/Under, and Interlaced. Videos and pictures must be in a left/right single file format.

What is the best distance and angle to look at 3D?

-There is no single answer for that. It depends on individual viewing preferences. We suggest that you look from different angles and distances to find the best viewing spot for yourself. The monitor has a 120/90 degree viewing angle.

I am running on a Vista operating system. Will this monitor work with Vista?

-Yes. This monitor is Vista compatible.

Can I watch HD movies on the iZ3D monitor?

-Yes, you can watch HD Movies on the iZ3D; however, the movies will not be 3D. Only stereoscopic movies can be viewed in 3D.

I am running a 64-bit operating system. Do the iZ3D drivers support this?

-Yes, the iZ3D Drivers support 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista

Does the monitor support SLI configurations?

-Not at this time. With most SLI or Crossfire configuration, three of the four ports are disabled. The iZ3D monitor requires at least two ports. We urge our customers to refer to NVidia or ATI about changing this problem. We are currently testing experimental configurations using Crossfire configurations and will inform our users when this becomes available.

My computer configuration includes two monitors and one graphics card. Can I use the iZ3D monitor and my existing monitor together?

-No. The iZ3D monitor requires two outputs on the video card. If you have two video cards, you can set them up where they work separately (non-SLI or Crossfire configuration) and connect the iZ3D to one video card and your other monitor to the other video card.

Technical Support Questions

When I look at the Stereo Test Image with the iZ3D glasses on, one eye is much darker than the other. What is causing this?

-There could be two possibilities. One issue could be that your gamma settings could be incorrect. Please ensure that your gamma settings are set at 'Default'. The second issue could be a disabled front panel. Press and hold the Power button on the monitor until it shuts off. Shut down your computer and unplug all cables from the monitor. After you have unplugged everything, plug all cables back into the monitor. Ensure that all cables are plugged in snug and tight. Turn on the monitor before starting your computer.

When I run my favorite game and I put the iZ3D glasses on, I can see my desktop in the background.

-The iZ3D drivers are not injecting correctly. Anytime you see the desktop in the game with the iZ3D glasses on, this means that the iZ3D drivers are not working. Please make sure that the latest version of drivers are correctly installed.

When I start my computer, the monitor screen turns white and I can't see anything. What can I do?

-When your computer boots up, it should detect which panel is primary; however, it may make a mistake and choose the wrong one. If your monitor is white upon startup, put the iZ3D glasses on, install the iZ3D drivers and the installation will fix this problem.

I use the iZ3D drivers, but NVidia just came out with their beta stereo drivers. When I go to start a game, everything freezes. What did I do wrong?

-The NVidia beta Stereo Drivers and the iZ3D drivers do not work well together. It is recommended that these drivers not be ran at the same time. iZ3D recommends that the latest NVidia or ATI forceware drivers be installed. NVidia Stereo drivers require a older forceware version.

I installed the iZ3D drivers, but I didn't install the latest DirectX drivers when it prompted me to. When I go to run a game, it gives me a DirectX error.

-The iZ3D drivers require the August 2007 release of DirectX 9.0c or later. Please install this version.

I installed the driver from the CD that was included in the monitor box, but 3D is not working. How do I fix this?

-We recommend that you update your iZ3D drivers from the here. Updates can often fix problems that you may be having. Please check back regularly for updates.

I've ordered my iZ3D monitor today. When can I expect it to be shipped?

-Once the order is placed with iZ3D, it is then forwarded to UPS. Processing time can take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email from 'Quantum View' with a tracking number once it has been shipped.

I am trying to use Peter Wimmer's Stereoscopic Player, but it doesn't work in 3D.

-Peter Wimmer's Stereoscopic Player is not supported by the iZ3D drivers. iZ3D has its own stereo viewer. You can download it here.


3D Vision


iZ3D Visual Technology


iZ3D Dynamic Polarizing Management

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