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Active circular light polarisator

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The active polarisationfilter allows a 3D projection on polarisation base with just one 3D Ready DLP-projector.

This 3D projection technique combines the advantages of one-projector-projection with the polarisation-process.

Costs of the system and expenditure of time caused by the installation get diminished, because the dual-projector-rack and the adjustment of the two projectors do not apply.

You can use light plastic- or paperframed glasses, what’s very useful for public presentations and provides optimal performance, but can also be used for home theater users.

This technique operates with a timemultiplex method, which projects two images for the eyes chronologically in series, the active polarisator changes the direction of the polarisation per image, by what the passive polarisation glasses of the users let just pass the appropriate image for the right eye.

The 74 x 74 mm active ploarisationfilter is fitted into a 120 x 107 mm frame. The driver electronic consists of a Dongle with a VESA 3 Pin. Sync input and an RCA output to the polarisation panel.

The Dongle has a switch for the conversion of the phase, which interchanges the allocation of the eyes for the images and two rotary-switches with 10 positions to adjust the sync signal to the image of the projector.

The use of the silver screen is nescessary.


  • Circular polarisation of the light
  • Size of the frame: 120 x 107 mm
  • Size of the filter: 74 x 74 mm
  • Vesa 3 Pin. sync input (female)
  • RCA 24v output to the filter (female)
  • Phase switch
  • Two rotary switches with 10 positions to adjust the sync signal to the image of the projector
  • Sync controll red LED lamp
  • Without a need of external power supply
  • Power consumption: 120mA @ 5v / 120Hz (powered by VESA Sync Cable)
  • Size of the driver Box: 60 x 60 x 25mm
  • Available for 3D Ready DLP Projectors up to 5000 ANSI
    (polarisation panel for 3D Projectors over 5000 Ansi also available, please contact us)
  • Compatible with the Optoma 3D-XL converter

Scope of delivery :

  • 1x circular polarisation panel
  • 1x driver box
  • 1x MiniDin 3 Pol. 1.5m cable
  • 1x RCA 0.5m cable
  • 1x user manual

Optional components:

  • DVI Sync separation dongle (Synchron signal from the DVI cable to drive the active polarisation panel) please click here
  • nVidia compatible sync separation dongle (Synchron signal via USB connector and nVidia 3D Vision driver to drive the active polarisation panel)
  • MiniDin 3 Pol. cable: 5m / 10m / 15m / 20m length


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