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1x Motion Ride 5D Seat
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5D Motion Ride Cinema Seat

We are proud to present a complete 5D cinema package.
Here you can find everything, what you need for operating a 5D cinema.

Features of the 5D seat:

  • Fully electromechanical structure
  • Inverter servo control, seat shift sensors by incremental encoders
  • Built-in secure parts: Overload, Overheat, Phase out
  • 4 point safety belt
  • Comfortable, ergonomical seat
  • Maximum of 150kg moved mass
  • Performance: 2.1kVA 400V 3 phase 50Hz, 3pcs of electrodrive on X-Y-Z axes
  • 3 independent movement (Side gradient: ±15 degree, back and forward pitch: ±15 degree, Elevation: 100 mm).
  • 0.4G acceleration
  • Emergency switch
  • Compare to other systems far less maintenance costs

Difference to 4D seat:
5D effects: vibrator at waist, snake effekt at legs, air and water spray, and 4 other optional periphery (together 8 by seats)
stereo effect speakers – optional (close sounds, eg. whisper)

Why 5D cinema? Because the visitors cannot only watch a 3D movie or experience other effects like wind and water (4D),
but also the seats react with movements to the film sequences. By shaking and vibrations your guests will be impressed of this unforgetable experience.

Our package provides a lot of features, which are necessary for a professional 5D cinema.
Such features are i.e. a Central Control with Touchscreen, the Ride BB control with information for the visitors outside the cinema or the automatically Visitor counter, which sends at the end of the day the number of visitors to the owner per eMail and
records the operation the whole day.

Your big advantage: The system was developed by a middle-european company and so a quick startup and
long lasting Support and Warranty is ensured.
Concerning the high weight of the single seats (approx. 160kg) there incure low shipping costs in opposite to overseas imports.

The components of the complete systems are:

( For watching a demo film please click on the image above )

The full price list of all components you can download here

  • Stereo VJ: 3D film projection
  • Ride Motion: Movable seats
  • Ride BB: Information board for visitors outside the cinema
  • Ride Control: Simple remote control of the whole system
  • Ride Play: Stereoscopic 3D Player Software
  • Ride Spark: Control of electric units
  • Motion Seats: Movable seats with protection belt and automatic emergency cutout, intensity of movements individually adjustable


RideControl.png RideControl

Control the whole cinema from one, convenient, easy-to-use touch screen.

  • Displays real-time information about computers, applications, projectors, power switches.
  • Controls devices and software listed in RidePack package.
  • Two operating modes, Manual and Automatic.
  • Built-in scheduler for fully autonomous operation.
  • Log file support with proof-of-play function.
  • Supports several security modes. Password protection, multiple user accounts, privilege setup.
  • Easily expandable with new modules.
  • State Cue function to perform multiple operations in manual mode. (System start-up, shut-down, et.c)

RidePlay.png RidePlay

Stereoscopic HD video/audio player.

  • Plays back 1-eye monoscopic and 2-eyes stereoscopic videos with surround sound.
  • Supports full HD resolution per eye.
  • Independent volume control on all titles.
  • Playlist (Fade In/Out, Loop)
  • Drives motion seats with pre-recorded motion and effect data streams.
  • Motion data can be modified on-the-fly to serve different audiences:
    • Maximum angular/linear speed.
    • Maximum angular/linear acceleration.
    • Movement range.
    • Toggle effects.

RideMotion.png Motion Seats

  • All-electric design, more reliable than hydraulic or mixed systems.
  • Operates on standard, one-phase, 230V AC power.
  • USB, Ethernet or CAN bus interface.
  • Three degrees of freedom (Roll: +-30 degrees, Pitch: +-30 degrees, Lift: 30 cm/12 inches).
  • Safety switch.

RideEdit.png RideMotion

Create motion and effects data for motion seat cinemas.

  • Accepts MPEG1-2, AVI, WMV input formats.
  • Secondary full screen support.
  • Real-time control of motion seats.
  • Smooth start/stop.
  • Support for PWM and voltage-controlled motors.

RideBB.png RideBB

Active billboard with various information.

  • Fully configurable layout.
  • Everything is changeable in runtime.
  • Various playback modes for media elements:
    • Sequential / Shuffle
    • Single, Playlist, Folder
  • Multilanguage support up to six languages.
  • Active timetable.
  • Text labels.
  • Countdown to the next show.
  • Clock.
  • Two operating modes: locally scripted or remote controlled.

Hardware.png RideSpark

Controls electric power from remote location.

  • 12 relay outputs with maximum of 120mA per output.
  • Supports normal or inverted operation.
  • OFF state: 0V, ON state: 12V.
  • Relays can be as far as 100 m from the device.
  • Short-circuit protection.
  • Coil and solid-state relay compatible.

StereoVJ.png StereoVJ

Interactive, real-time, stereoscopic visuals for parties, shows and events.

  • CG and live action content.
  • Post-processing effects.
  • Stereoscopic live video input.
  • Live audio input for beat detection and FFT processing.
  • MIDI I/O.
  • Expandable with MSC and DMX512 interfaces.


Scope of delivery includes:

  • Motion Ride Seat (1 pcs. per bought article)
  • Control PC with all software components (1 pcs. per installed system)
  • Wiring

Minimum oder quantity: 6 seats unit

Mechanical specifications:
3 Axes / 3 Motor-Motion Base Seats, 1 person / max. 200 kg capacity
4-point-protection belt, Protection-Seats EVO2.

Max. Suppression: 100mm
Max. Acceleration: 250mm/sec
Max. Acceleration: 0.4G
Max. Angle: 300 ° / sec
Max. Angular acceleration: 300° / s ²

Electricity requirements:
Max. Power requirements: 400V 50Hz / 3 ~ 2.3kVA / Seat Unit

Built-in protection characteristics:
Mechanical turnover-guarantee against breaking or mechanical breakdown.
Electronical protection for each unit in case of movement over the nominal value
or at movements where mechanical breakdown occur.
In this case, emergency cutout of the whole system, to stop movement immediately.
Protectionbelt-system detects if the belt-connection is fixed correctly, otherwise the system cannot be run.
The system has a cover, a necessary industrial safety and can be installed as stand-alone-system according to construction guidelines.

The control system includes the required software with the protection elements to control the hardware components.

Construction- and installation specifications:
There has to be integrated enough steel construction in the basement, to bear up against the strengths of the seats.
Cable conduits should be installed in the basement too.
Also there has to be installed a seperate control room, where control PC and electrical control unit can be placed.
The room for the visitors should have air-condition, to regulate the temperature increased by the emissions of the visitors and seat motors to common temperature.

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