Maximum Performance

There is a companion control surface for every TriCaster model, purpose-designed for maximum live production functionality with that system. The table below indicates the recommended control surface for each TriCaster model according to the capabilities in the system that you can access with corresponding buttons, controls and key combinations on the surface.

Most of our control surfaces are also cross-compatible with other TriCaster models, but you may encounter some limitations in the control workflow. If you have questions about the compatibility of a control surface with a specific TriCaster model (current or older), please consult your NewTek reseller.

TriCaster Model Recommended CS
TriCaster 8000 TriCaster 8000 CS
TriCaster 860 TriCaster 860 CS
TriCaster 460 TriCaster 460 CS
TriCaster 410 TriCaster 460 CS
TriCaster Mini TriCaster 460 CS (complete)
TriCaster Mini CS (compact)
TriCaster 40 TriCaster 40 CS

Note: TriCaster 850 TW control surface is supported by all current TriCaster models.

TriCaster 8000 Control Surface

For the most sophisticated, high-performance live productions, you need total control. Included with every TriCaster 8000 system, the TriCaster 8000 CS is a natural extension of the platform’s remarkable innovation, with a user-focused, industrial design and fresh, new take on familiar production controls. With the introduction of TriCaster 8000 CS to your workflow, you have a seamless, physical connection to the powerful capabilities of TriCaster 8000, with a whole new dimension of speed and control.

TriCaster 860 Control Surface

Big live productions demand big-time control. Part of the complete TriCaster 860 solution and available as an optional add-on, the TriCaster 860 CS shines as a function-for-function companion. With an intuitive layout and familiar live production controls at your command, adding TriCaster 860 CS to your control room or live truck puts you in touch with your live production like never before.

TriCaster 460 Control Surface

Producing on-location doesn't mean leaving the comforts of the control room behind. The TriCaster 460 CS, part of the complete TriCaster  460 solution and available as an optional add-on, lets you maintain a small production footprint without sacrificing manual control. With an intuitive layout, familiar live production controls and compact frame, TriCaster 460 CS is a perfect fit for mobile production or tight spaces.

TriCaster 40 Control Surface

Designed specifically with the TriCaster 40 system in mind, add the TriCaster 40 Control Surface for fast, full access to hardware operation of all live-production functions – and still keep your small desktop footprint. Or augment your crew with an additional operator, and split the production tasks between console and user interface.

TriCaster Mini Control Surface

You don’t have to be a video expert to work like one. With TriCaster Mini CS, you have hands-on control of every show you make with TriCaster Mini. Featuring an attractive, compact design and responsive controls, it’s the ideal way to produce a show with professional results…from the office, an event, or anywhere.

TriCaster 850 TW Control Surface

Enhance your presentation and performance with the addition of the TriCaster 850 TW control surface to your live production workflow. Share the workload with second operator, focusing exclusively on stored clips and graphics. Add slow motion playback and instant replay—a must for any sports production. With TriCaster 850 TW, the solution for more dynamic media playback is at your fingertips.