The EVS Giant Crane due to its fantastic performance at a budget price.
It contains numbers of features which is beyond expectations. All of these features are offered and priced for your tight budget.
With its heavy-duty arm and base construction, it is able to carry very large payload without any compromise.
The Giant is a compact package of a camera crane that can be operated using either one person to operate the crane and all camera and head controls located at the rear of the crane arm, or by two persons with a separate crane operator and camera operator who can be located at a distance from the Crane.
The modular design offers different sizes to fit your requirements.
For different application, the Giant is always able to support and offer great performance.

Digital Control System

  • Control system of Giant crane adopts the digital circuit and MCU (Micro Controller Unit). The signal transmitted between control box and remote head is serial digital signal. It enhances system reliability and control sensitivity.
  • The head of Giant crane offer the operator very smooth pan and tilt movement. Moreover, the head and control system of Giant crane can be used separately as pan/tilt remote head system because the serial digital signal can be transmitted to extensively long distance.


  • Max remote head capacity is 15 kg, more than enough for most ENG configurated camera.
  • Built with high strength aluminum alloy.
  • Completely tools-free setup.
  • All steel cables have pin connection at both ends, it facilitate setup by simply inserting the pin.
  • Balance connecting rod instead of balance cable is adopted to avoid any instability which may happen when using balance cable system.
  • Specially designed arm tube connection ensure the rigidity of crane arm.
  • Installation of arm tube is easy and tool free.
  • New camera balance adjustment system offer you easy and fine camera balance adjustment like no other cranes.
  • The specially designed supporting rod enables the installation of Focus and Iris servo motor much easier. It can easily fit with majority of Canon and Fujinon lens due to its adjustable servo motor supporting rod.
  • The Giant crane uses high quality connectors which ensure reliability of control system.
  • The control box is placed at end of crane to offer operator easy adjustment of remote head.
  • The two monitor supporting rod are placed at end of crane for easy adjustment of monitor position.
  • The monitor supporting rod can be adjusted to any position, it make easier for operator to view the monitor from best angle at all time.
  • The control handle for head can control pan, tilt and roll movement of the head.
  • The control handle for camera has variable speed zoom control. It also can control focus, iris, start/stop recording. This single control handle enables control of different type of cameras, DV/HDV and ENG The hollow-carved crane arm reduce the impact of wind on the crane system to relatively small extent.
  • New designed base and column ensure rigidity of complete crane system. The base also offer great mobility for crane system. The wheel can be changed to rail wheel to enable whole crane system to work on tracking rail.