All-in-One 4K HDMI Apple ProRes, 12G-SDI 7-inch 1920x1200 Monitor/Recorder

Record straight from the camera's sensor in pristine 4K Apple ProRes or Cinema DNG Raw over HDMI and 12G-SDI. Seamlessly switch between 4K cameras with HDMI to SDI and SDI to HDMI conversion.

For HD recording, the Shogun is our most advanced product to date. Boasting 10-bit Apple ProRes recording, high frame rate 1080p120/60/50 and 2-way conversion between HDMI and SDI. The HD world is not forgotten with Shogun.

A stunning 7.1" 1920 x 1200 320ppi screen with 178° viewing angle, makes Shogun perfect as a director's monitor. With class leading features like waveform, focal assist, zebra, calibration and
2:1 zoom it's the perfect tool for perfect shot setup.

We've tamed the complexity and cost of 4K. Record 5 hours of 4K ProRes 422 HQ on a 2TB HDD using our optional RAID caddy system, or to SSD or CFast. There are no hidden leasing costs for codecs after purchase - its all included in the price with Shogun.

Technical specifications:


  • Without batteries & HDD: 460g/16oz
  • With batteries & HDD: 645g/23oz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D mm): 196 x 110 x 47mm, 7.7 x 4.3 x 1.85"
  • Construction:
    High quality lightweight ABS Polycarbonate for durability & portability
    Heat pipe cooling technology


  • Operating power: 6.8W - 11W
  • Compatible batteries: NP series, D-Tap and supporting accessories (Nikon ENL6, Canon EL6)
  • Input voltage (battery): 6.2V to 16.8V
  • Battery time (based on 7.4V):
    2600mAh - up to 3hrs
    5200mAh - up to 5hrs
    7800mAh - up to 8hrs
  • DC Out: 1x DC out
  • Continuous power (Patent pending):  via optional Power station
  • Power Station continuous power dual supply: Optional


  • Size: 7.1"
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • PPI: 320
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 native
  • Color standard: REC709 HDTV
  • Native frame rate playback: 48-60Hz
  • Technology: SuperAtom IPS panel (capacitive touch), calibratable to REC709 with optional Atomos Spyder

Video input/loop out:

  • HDMI: 1x HDMI (1.4b)
  • SDI: 1x 4K-SDI 12G/6G or HD-SDI 3G/1.5G (SMPTE)
  • Signal: Uncompressed 10/8bit 4:2:2 (camera dependent)

Video output (play out):

  • HDMI: 1x HDMI (1.4b)
  • SDI: 1x 12G HD/SD-SDI (SMPTE)
  • Signal: Uncompressed 10/8bit 4:2:2 (Playback file dependent)

Supported loop out formats:

  • HDMI to HDMI:
    720p 50/60/120
    1080i 50/60
    1080p 24/25/30/50/60/120
    2160p 24/25/30
  • SDI to SDI:
    720p 50/60
    1080i 50/60
    1080psf 24/25/30/50/60/120
    1080p 24/25/30/50/60/120
    2160p 24/25/30

Video signal conversion:

  • HDMI to SDI:
    720p 50/60
    1080i 50/60
    1080p 24/25/30/50/60/120
    2160p 24/25/30
  • SDI to HDMI:
    720p 50/60
    1080i 50/60
    1080p 24/25/30/50/60/120
    2160p 24/25/30

Supported formats (in/out):

  • 4K: 2160p 24/25/30
  • HD - high frame rate: 1080p120, 1080p60/50, 720p120
  • HD: 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 1080pSF23.98, 1080pSF24, 1080pSF25, 1080pSF30, 720p60, 720p59.94, 720p50

Included in delivery:

  • Shogun Main unit
  • 5x Master Caddy II
  • 1x Battery 2600mAh
  • 1x Battery charger
  • 1x D-Tap adapter
  • 1x 9V-3A AC adapter
  • 1x Lemo to XLR cable
  • 1x HDD/SSD Docking station
  • 1x Rugged carry case